Discover here fabrics created by Odile Bailloeul: borders and coupons


Borders to incorporate in your works, to sew on clothes, to transform into case. You can also re-embroider them with relief ! 


Find out Odile Bailloeul's universe in these unique fabrics with original and uncommon patterns ! 

They offer a variety of possibilities, you can adapt it on cotton, hessian, velvet or even on large poplin : 2.80 m, there is so much fun to have with it ! 

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  • Cotton

    Find Odile Bailloeul's world in these unique fabrics with uncommon patterns :

    Soft, poetic or colored, it's up to you !

  • Borders

    Borders to integrate in your creations,

    Sew it on clothes, transform it into a little case ...

    You can also re-embroider them with relief.

  • Coated cotton fabric

    A fabric coated flexible and easy to sew!

    Without phtalates, that's even better, especially for babies ! 

  • Velvet

    A velvet polyester of an incredible sweetness!

    A fabric of good behavior which suits perfectly for bags, pillows, of furnishing and even clothes.

  • Coupons LIN à broder
  • Fabrics for clothing
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