En avant les femmes 

A small bag for a nice gesture of solidarity towards the women for whom life has taken its toll (well, mostly their men...)

7 euros per bag will be donated to the association "La maison des femmes" which does an incredible job of welcoming these women in a soothing and constructive place for their future.

Go to their website, listen to the podcasts and I hope you will be as excited as I am to help this incredible team!


Size: height = 36cm (14¼") Width = 36cm (14¼")

100% Cotton

Made in France

An Odile Bailloeul creation.

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Here is the new version of our iconic fabric "En avant les femmes! "

I asked you which women were important to you, which ones had made an impression on you.

I added most of these women to this design to inspire and motivate us even more.

A militant fabric, full of humour and energy.

Use it without moderation for ourselves, our girlfriends, our sisters and the little girls around us.

Available as fabric by the metre or as a coupon with the inspiring slogan: En avant les femmes!

Material: Poplin 100% Organic Cotton

Weight: 112gr/m2 (±2%)

Size: 45cm x 55cm (18"x22" ±2%)

Certificate: OEKO-Tex , GOTS

Usage: Patchwork, dressmaking, cartonnage...

Care:  Entretien coton

Printed in Europe.

An Odile Bailloeul creation


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There are many reasons to adopt this mug:

-To give a helping hand to the association "La maison des femmes" (2€ will be given for each mug bought)

-To feel supported by all those wonderful women who have made things happen.

-To encourage your sisters, your daughters, with this little hint at breakfast!

-Because you like its colourful illustrations.

-To stick it under the nose of your macho boss during coffee break...(yes, there are some!)

-To set up a "motivated women" club with your friends.

-To do a family quiz on the personalities drawn ( ha, ha, I'll help you : I'll give you the list, shhh ...)

You may have other ideas...

But the main point is that it gives us all a boost!

Material: Ceramic

Height 9.5 cm (3 3/4"), diam 8 cm (3 1/8")

Volume: 325ml (11 fl oz)

Care: Dishwasher safe


Printed in Vendée, France

Création Odile Bailloeul.

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A fabric that brings a little folkloric touch to your wardrobe...

It should also appeal to young girls: for very cheerful dresses or leggings.

If you don't have an overlocker machine, you can sew it with a sewing machine with a 70 special jersey needle .

Material: 90% organic cotton bio ; 10 % elastane

Weight: 230gr/m2 (±2%)

Width: 145cm (57" ±2%)

Certificate: OEKO-Tex ,

Uses: T-shirts, dresses, leggings, accessoires…



Imprimé en Europe.


An Odile Bailloeul creation

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