En avant les femmes 

For those days when you need to move mountains, there's nothing like a t-shirt sewn from this gorgeous jersey!

It brings together women I admire and unknown women, mixing skin tones, ages and eras in a colourful and jubilant fabric.

Anything is possible with such powerful support!

If you don't have an overlocker machine, you can sew it with a sewing machine with a 70 special jersey needle .

Material: 90% organic cotton bio ; 10 % elastane

Weight: 230gr/m2 (±2%)

Width: 145cm (57" ±2%)

Certificate: OEKO-Tex ,

Uses: T-shirts, dresses, leggings, accessoires…



Imprimé en Europe.


An Odile Bailloeul creation

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This is a very motivating coupon! With a slogan that pushes us to do what's best for women, with confidence and joy.

To be transformed into a sports bag, a running bag, and for the most daring, to be integrated into a garment.

Otherwise, keep it in front of you and recite it like a mantra!

Format 52 x 53 cm. (20½" x 20¾")

100% cotton twill, washable at 30°C.

Design Odile Bailloeul.

Made in France.

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There are many reasons to adopt this mug:

-To give a helping hand to the association "La maison des femmes" (2€ will be given for each mug bought)

-To feel supported by all those wonderful women who have made things happen.

-To encourage your sisters, your daughters, with this little hint at breakfast!

-Because you like its colourful illustrations.

-To stick it under the nose of your macho boss during coffee break...(yes, there are some!)

-To set up a "motivated women" club with your friends.

-To do a family quiz on the personalities drawn ( ha, ha, I'll help you : I'll give you the list, shhh ...)

You may have other ideas...

But the main point is that it gives us all a boost!

Material: Ceramic

Height 9.5 cm (3 3/4"), diam 8 cm (3 1/8")

Volume: 325ml (11 fl oz)

Care: Dishwasher safe


Printed in Vendée, France

Création Odile Bailloeul.

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