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Subscription 1 box - Atelier Box N°4

Order before 15 June 2023

Delivery end of July 2024

Choose the joy of discovery with an Odile Bailloeul sewing box.

I'm inviting you into my painting studio with these new surprise boxes.

As you know, I love to use flowers, fruit, birds and colorful crockery as models and transpose them onto canvas or notebooks.

The designs I'm offering you for these boxes come from these creations.

I hope you'll have as much fun discovering and using these fabrics as I had composing them from my paintings.

Cotton, twill, velvet and borders will be on offer throughout the subscription, along with suggestions for accessories and home decor.

And even though each boxed set includes sewing projects using these fabrics, do not hesitate to transform them according to your own ideas!

So join us every 3 months for some great discoveries: exclusivities, avant-premiere items and goodies are already delighting many subscribers.

* The designs may vary from one box to another.

**For logistical reasons, it is not possible to add other items to the box subscriptions.

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How does it work?

 I subscribe to the surprise box for trimester.

Pre-ordering is mandatory before the date indicated on the product sheet.

Atelier box N°2: delivery end of March 2024

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