About Odile Bailloeul

Odile Bailloeul is happy to be a "Jack of all trades".

Odile Bailloeul crée tout un univers poétique : kits à coudre, tissus colorés, laine feutrée, velours ...

In her mind, far from being pejorative, this characteristic is a continual enrichment of life.

She works with each new technique with enthusiasm, tests and deepens her understanding with a continual research.

This large palette of different skills and materials (cement, resin, felt, polymer clay and lately porcelain) mixes with her trade as textile designer enriches her creative vocabulary and gives her a great freedom of expression.

Odile Bailloeul au Salon de Paris - Retrouvez Odile sur plusieurs salons en France, et à l'étranger : suivez son agenda.

Whether it be for stickers, jewelry, in miniature or in sculpture (and plenty of other things besides!) we find her poetic universe and her love of color in each of her books or her creations.

She offers you in this little boutique numerous sewing kits, fabric, cards … all made from her original illustrations.

Discover the workshop of Odile Bailloeul

Odile Bailloeul opens the doors to her workshop, colorful, lively and harmonious.

She talks about her passions, her creative activities; felt, painting, modeling with polymer clay…

Video in French.

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